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Sterling Silver Rings 2017

Sterling Silver Rings 2017

Sterling Silver Rings 2017

Sterling Silver Rings 2017

In the history of mankind the most popular type of jewellery women love to pick sterling silver rings and the rings still making invaluable role in our society today, Explore your favorite jewellery collection of silver rings and women love to participate in the rich tradition jewellery.

Rings for women is a wealth of precious metals with the combination of beautiful gemstones and fabulous designs. The value and the popularity of sterling silver rings has been risen and still rising day by day. Industry made the best sterling jewellery design to grab women easily for their best occasion, because sterling jewellery rings  have lower price than gold and platinum. Women like to wear sterling silver rings because it is bright, shiny look of jewellery produced in sterling silver. Mix and match to your heart's desire. we are sharing below some most out standing sterling silver Rings 2017.

Which one you like most and which design ring you love to wear in sterling silver jewellery?. Share your view with us in below comment section. Before purchase any kind of sterling silver rings must be read our post how to know about real or fake sterling silver jewellery?.

Diamond Rings 2017

Diamond Rings 2017

Diamond Rings 2017

Diamond Rings 2017

Gold Plated Diamond Rings Another versatile variety of Diamond rings 2017. The wonderful plating of gold on the pure base of diamond looks so much amazing. This collection is the lovely choice of young brides for their weddings. But very delicate stuff is also here that makes it a good choice for casual purpose. Very unique designs are here for you that are simply rocking. Your favorite designers have introduced amazing cuts that make this variety the most stylish one. The gold plated diamond rings are a new introduction at the horizon of fashion,but it has successfully gained the attention of ladies around the world. All leading outlets are full of this variety that is the true manifestation of its demand.

Shinning Collection of Rings with different sizes and Styles. The pure diamond base is incorporated with wonderful plating of gold that is so awesome. Also come with jewelry package The amazing collection of Gold Plated Diamond Rings are equally fit for Wedding, Parties , gatherings as well as for casual wear. Their delicacy attracts the ladies to bring in their hand.

If you are purchasing Sterling Steel Jewellery or Sterling Steel. Are you making a wise investment? You know that sterling steel is a precious metal and their price change in the year. Sterling Price fluctuate as Gold Price. It is the quality of sterling  silver  jewellery piece which will last a life time.

No Doubt, in starts of buying and selling of sterling silver takes experience and little know how. Before you buying or placing your bid, must be consider basic points which will lead you in right direction. We are going to share 10 points below.

Note: Before you jump to the 10 point. This is part 1 of our series on Complete Guide About Sterling Silver Jewellery In 2016. We will highly recommend that you read this series sequentially. This is our first part of this series.

Complete Guide About Sterling Silver Jewellery In
Part1: 10 Basic Point Must Read Before Buying Sterling Steel Jewellery ?
Part2:  What You Need To Know About .925 Silver Rings or Silver Jewellery.

1: People know gold value change on daily basis, Silver value also change day by day. It can move up and down in market place. However, sterling silver jewellery that is hand crafted, collectible will not diversity effort of you jewellery piece in market. In other mean, sterling silver is an investment that is not exchange of dollar for dollar. Your piece of jewellery is not equal to value of scrap sterling. You are paying dollar for craftsmanship and beauty of the piece, your jewellery is not according to the weight. If desire to invest money and want to get financial gain from market. Then you can buy bars of silver. you can get good amount of cash, when price is up and buy when price down.

Silver Price

2: Sterling and Silver these are two name but meaning the same. when a seller is showing you color. A listing may say "silver chain". it mean this chain could be silver tone. Make sure before purchasing that is specifically states that is sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Chain

3: Sterling Silver maker marks a mark or .925 or both This is only Native American exception pieces with were not intended to be sold to public. Beware of handmade pieces that are claimed not marked, but tested associated or with shoddy markings that seem to be solid by an amateur.

.925 Silver

4: This is necessary for you to see and read the marking .925 that is marking for sterling and means that metal is .925 parts of 1000 pure silver and ready to use in jewellery. Do you know that Sterling silver .999? but .925 made easy work for craftsman. Anything grater than the standard of .925 causes a big failure and also making many  problem with the craftsmanship.

.925 Sterling Silver

5: How to check is it sterling silver or not? Here you Go . But a magnet which is in round discs like in a below pic and shake in round discs. Magnet like a refrigerator not strong . Pick up your piece and trying to pick up with a magnet. Your jewellery should not to move with magnet, if it moves with magnet than you know there is something wrong. you know other metal junks up with magnet as "junk metal". junk metal usually combination of copper and silver plate. Here you should consider that heavily plated items may not respond and attract to the magnet. Aluminum and stainless steel not respond to magnet. This test is not going to tell you the piece is in your hand made with sterling steel. This test is useful and let you know if it not sterling. when you touch magnet to sterling or gold it won't move.

Real .925 Sterling Silver

6: Makers mark line at your silver jewellery marks of .925 to certain date .925 is not required if maker already registered his mark. Government this mark denoted the same meaning as sterling. In the country marks and inscriptions. very greatly era by era.

925 Sterling Silver Mark

7: Many country in the world have different laws than the USA or they implemented  laws differently. Many products include china claim that are made with sterling steal actually the are not made with it. You are wiser don't become fool by many fools which are in market place to snatch your money. Time to become smarter like Fox ,search search before buy anything. These question are like, like you are stupid, but believe this question going to solve your big problem then why are you waiting just read now.

1 Is your item made with pure 925 sterling sliver?
2 Is there clearly marked .925 on item?
3 Is there is a makers mark? How long have they been in Sterling steal business?
4 Use common sense which is not common so think if the price is so low that profit can not be made and shipped free from overseas it is not sterling silver.

Pure .925 Sterling Silver Mark

8: Another Most Important Step you should have to take now before buying Sterling silver. Use Acid test which is clearly going to tell you, is it sterling silver or not?. If your item is in your hand and is clearly marked and does not attract with a magnet sound like real sterling silver. Must be insure that new jewellery have a shiny coat which is known as Rhodium which is applied to resist tarnishing. Get to know now about Rhodium Plating Jewellery if you are ready to buy new jewellery . If not then you should know that sterling should tarnish, be flexible , and it bend slightly and somewhat lightweight. You can see clearly marked .925 and will not respond to a magnet like other metal.

Acidic test .925 Sterling Silver Mark

9: Buy Sterling Silver from the person you trust most. Close your eyes and pick up real sterling piece in your hand. Now feel and weight because you know now what's the sound of real sterling steal. See the piece in your hand that are marked heavy sterling. Sterling steel has a light molecular weight. sterling is beautiful metal , it is very versatile and sound amazing and lovely to own and wear.

Buy Sterling Silver

10: 10th is the last point and it is for a women also. it is also most important point or tip for the people who love to shopping and doing business of jewellery . Usually women can't check jewellery by magnet, so it's time to check your jewellery real or not. This step save your money with time. These Smart shopping tip can solve your big problem.

Do you think? We missed something from this entire post, if yes then please tell us in below comment section. Your one precious comment save people time with money. Best of luck ! Happy Shopping.

People who love to prefer white metals rings then silver sterling silver rings is the best choice for them. Price is lover for them to afford. You can see wide rang of sterling silver rings on our blog and select for yourself or for your friends also. Men Silver Ring design with style savvy man in mind.

Stainless Steels is the combination based on the composition and the metals allowed with the steel. First grade of the jewellery is 316, sometime jewelers called surgical steel or main. This steel have very high resistance to corrosion. These picture of silver rings features of handcrafted from all around the world.

Popular Men's Silver Rings 2016

Popular Men's Silver Rings 2016

Popular Men's Silver Rings 2016

Popular Men's Silver Rings 2016

Popular Men's Silver Rings 2016

Popular Men's Silver Rings 2016

Top 10 Stone Diamond Ring Trends 2016

If you are a traditional bride, traditional bride or want a special engagement ring, Here is many designs on latest pakistani jewellery. From brightly colored center stones and vintage-inspired Design to mixed metal settings, we pick up on what,s going on in bridal jewellery. A Simple Engagement Rings may be a right classic choice, but you are going to step out of the box once you see the one of a kind lovely.
Check out Top 10 Popular Engagement Ring Trends 2016 you can see on this post , Below

Engagement Rings Trends 1 Floral Accents
Engagement Rings Trends Floral Accents

Engagement Rings are more beautiful right now with this flowers, petals , vines and other details plucked softly from the garden. Diamond vines add a whimsical touch to this girlish ring.

Engagement Ring Trend 2: Colorful Diamonds
Engagement Ring Trend 2: Colorful Diamonds

If you are going to look by traditional route , a colorful diamond rings is a best choice. Fancy hued diamond ring, like yellow and pink, stand out from crowd without touching too over the top. If you are going to make a bolder statement, try an ultra modern chocolate or try black diamond ring.

Engagement Ring Trends 3: Colorful Gems
Engagement Ring Trends Colorful Gems

If you are looking and considering a colorful center stone ring, you wont like to go without a diamond Here is many other option out here! Sapphire is a good and alternative to yellow and pink diamonds, and rubies and emerlads give off an instant vintage Vibe. Another idea is a stone with multidimensional color -like alexandrite- creates a good color change effect.
Engagement Ring Trends 4: Square Brands
Engagement Ring Trends Square Brands

This is not an engagement rings but smooth square bands totally , there are may comfortable than around bands. Square edges won't pinch and choke your fingers.

Engagement Ring Trends 5: Marquise Accent Stones
Engagement Ring Trends Marquise Accent Stones

If you are feeling amazing and brave and want to look for an engagement rings that,s fashion forward, think with carefully with several marquise-cut accent stones. This one of  beautiful style look is sure to set you apart from other brides.

Engagement Ring Trends 6: Mixed Metal Halos
Engagement Ring Trends Mixed Metal Halos

You haven't decided if you want yellow gold rings , rose gold or platinum ? Why choose one metal when you can have two? No Problem just match and mix them all! This rose gold halo gives a white gold engagement ring.
Engagement Ring Trends 7: Elaborate side views
Engagement Ring Trends Elaborate side views

Now you have a detail on your sides of your hand mean your Ring will look amazing from all angels in your beautiful hand. You will feel personalize, Think side setting it's a tender touch that won't be too obvious.
Engagement Ring Trends 8: Three Stone diamond rings
Engagement Ring Trends Three Stone diamond rings

Three Stone Bride Rings are the best and amazing collection of sparkle and symbolism. Three stone ring also known as trinity or trilogy rings. In this three diamonds often represent past, present and the future.

This ring is a perfect example of classic three stone diamond rings. These three round brilliant Tiffany Diamond are painstakingly matched for color.

Engagement Ring Trends 9: Top Mixed Metal Prongs 
Mixed Metal Rings.
 Engagement Ring Trends Top Mixed Metal Prongs  Or  Mixed Metal Rings.

Mixed Metal Prongs (prongs that are a different metal than rest of your finger ring). women's can create a amazing seamless look with colorful center stones and are a simple way to mix up with your engagement rings settings.

For Gold Prongs with a yellow center stone and rose gold to play up a pink one.

These prongs are stronger and hard to bend, thus preventing the the stone from falling out or getting lose. Most of the time jewellery maker use white gold or platinum, also in some settings it makes diamond look bigger.

Engagement Ring Trends 10: Split Shank
Engagement Ring Trends Split Shank

What do you think about this ring? What's the better than a band of diamonds? This ring pave band that splits in two. It's twice as pretty and gives any Engagement Diamond Ring a more architectural feel. Make your occasion memorable with this Split Shank Engagement Rings, Split shank Bride Rings. Split Shank Ring make your unforgettable day.


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